Frequently Asked Questions about ScripPlus®

How can I contact you or send feedback about your Rx products?
Contact Type Contact Information
Phone 1-855-344-4712
Fax 1-866-623-6403
Mail Taylor Communications
Secure Prescriptions
Attn: Tony Morris
600 Albany St.
Dayton, OH 45417
How can I order from Standard Register?
Order your Rx pads conveniently and securely online. Register now and place your Rx pad order via the Web. We’ll ship your pads free -- via standard, ground shipping. (Web ordering is not available for Rx paper orders.)
If you prefer, you can fax your order for Rx pads and paper. Just download an order form from this Web site, fill it out and fax it to 1-866-869-3971. Sorry, for security reasons, we cannot accept prescription orders by phone.
I’m eligible for tax exemption. What do I do to ensure I get my exemption?
Tax-exempt customers should call 1-866-429-1246 for instructions on placing their prescription orders.
What payment methods do you accept?
We honor MasterCard, VISA and American Express.
What information do you need from me to process my order?
Besides your payment and shipping information, we need to know:
  • Physician's DEA number
  • State license number
  • Quantity
  • Style: padded, 1 or 2-ply; laser sheets or thermal rolls
  • What you want printed on your prescription
  • Starting number, if consecutive numbering is desired
Our easy-to-use order form will help you complete this process quickly. Please be aware that every order is checked for errors or omissions. We may need to contact you to discuss these issues, so be certain to provide a phone number where you can easily be reached during normal business hours.
How can I make sure my new Rx pads meet my state's specifications?
Our design team developed ScripPlus® with state and federal compliance in mind. At no additional cost to you, we monitor state regulations to assure your prescription pads meet your state's requirements.
Will you notify me when you've received my faxed order?
You will be notified by e-mail when your order has been received and placed for production. This order confirmation will include the estimated date of shipment and your order number. You must provide a current e-mail address to receive your confirmation. Please check to see that our e-mail notice has not been flagged by your SPAM filter before calling for order status.
When can I expect to receive my order?
Our standard production time is 5 to 7 business days. Transportation time will vary with the method of shipment you select.
What if I accidentally place a duplicate order or need to change my order?
Call us immediately at 1-866-429-1246. If your order has not been produced, we'll cancel it. If you have the order number, it will expedite the cancellation process. If you're changing your order, you will then need to fax your revised order form back to us at 1-866-869-3971.
What if I need to change my order after it has been faxed and confirmed?
Contact us immediately via phone at 1-866-429-1246. We'll do our best to make things right for you.
What should I do if my order was incorrectly printed?
In the rare event your Rx pads, laser sheets or thermal rolls are defective due to Standard Register’s error, just call our toll-free Rx order line at 1-866-429-1246 within 90 days of your receipt of the products, and our customer service representative will fax you a return form and a prepaid shipping label to return the products. Upon receipt by Standard Register of the defective products, your account will be credited with respect to those products.  Consult the Terms and Conditions on this Website for further information.
What is your standard shipping method?
Our standard practice is to ship your order via ground transportation.
Can you expedite my order?
If you need your order faster than our standard turnaround time, we can ship your order Next Day Air. Check the order form for shipping charges.
Our office is moving soon. May I have my Rx pads shipped to another address?
To help prevent fraudulent use of prescription paper and pads, your Rx order will only be shipped to the address on your credit card, the address of record for your DEA number or the address of record for your state license number.
What steps do you take to ensure prescription pads and paper do not fall into the hands of criminals?
Standard Register maintains stringent controls across the entire supply chain, beginning with our proprietary security paper. We produce our own paper; no other party is licensed to produce or use it. It's stored in locked cages and may only be accessed by our bonded, authorized personnel. We maintain 24-hour security camera surveillance.

Likewise, Rx pads, rolls and sheets are manufactured in a secure production environment. Consecutively numbered Rx pads are closely controlled with our SRC Accutrac® verification and tracking system. The system records the numbers actually generated during production, verifies these numbers fall within a pre-defined range of acceptable numbers for that specific Rx product, and assures that no numbers are missing or duplicated on any order for that family of Rx products. Finally, products are packaged with tamper-evident seals, and then shipped and tracked via reliable carriers with bonded drivers who deliver them directly to you once you've signed for the shipment.
Why should I buy ScripPlus® when I can buy a competitor offering with fewer features and still be compliant?
  1. While the current CMS definition is relatively easy to comply with, many states are already developing much more stringent rules for tamper-resistance. Many organizations that elect to go with minimal prescription pad security will find themselves scrambling again when their states dictate higher levels of protection.
  2. Standard Register partners with you to anticipate upcoming security needs. The recent legislation allowed only a few months to respond, and many organizations that were unprepared for the requirements found themselves scrambling to meet the deadline. ScripPlus users, on the other hand, were calmly waiting for the definition, confident that they were already in compliance with whatever would ultimately be published.
  3. Standard Register's ScripPlus is the most secure solution on the market and is comparable in cost to inferior products. You can feel confident as legislation changes; ScripPlus is a solution that stays ahead of the curve.

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