The Hollow Pantograph – What Does It Mean To You?

With the focus on prescription security and tough new CMS requirements for tamper-resistance, healthcare providers and pharmacists have been introduced to a whole new vocabulary. One important term that’s particularly important to you is the hollow pantograph.

The pantograph is a security feature that deters criminals from counterfeiting by displaying “VOID” or “ILLEGAL” across a prescription when it has been copied, faxed or scanned. The hollow pantograph provides a distinct advantage over the solid pantograph because the word is displayed in outline form, so vital prescription information such as instructions, your NPI or DEA number are not obscured. With today’s technology workflows, it’s difficult for a pharmacy to avoid activating the pantograph on your prescriptions. Using a hollow pantograph keeps communications clear. It helps prevent errors related to similarities in medication names and reduce the number of phone calls between pharmacists and prescribers. Compare the two pantographs for yourself.

Hollow Pantograph  Solid Pantograph

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