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A recognized authority in document security, Standard Register has spent years working with issuers and states to provide better protected prescriptions. Employing new security technologies and strictly controlled processes, Standard Register developed secure prescription programs that have significantly reduced fraudulent activity for prescription issuers. In fact, at a recent industry conference, the state of New York reported it had eliminated over $68 million in fraud within six months of deploying its secure prescription program which mandates use of ScripPlus for all prescriptions statewide.

When Congress recently passed the bill requiring "tamper-resistant" prescription pads for written Medicaid outpatient prescriptions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and state Medicaid directors sought the counsel of Standard Register in understanding the nature of fraud and how to create a truly tamper-resistant prescription pad.

Below are some valuable resources you may wish to consult as you build your own tamper-resistant prescription program.

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