ScripPlus Security Features

Already the foundation for several aggressive, state prescription programs, ScripPlus® exceeds CMS guidelines for tamper-resistance with multiple security features to deter unauthorized copying, modification and counterfeiting. Moreover, it provided a model for the new national standard set by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs.

security features

SRC Background Design

Unique trademarked pattern on the front of prescriptions guarantees the eight features below exist on the original documents.

CopyBan Capture® Protection

Industry-leading copy protection displays "VOID" on the widest range of copier settings to deter counterfeiting attempts. Yet, the hollow image of the "VOID" pantograph does not obstruct Rx instructions.

Test Area

Block of heat-sensitive ink shifts from blue to clear on original prescriptions when exposed to the warmth of a hand or breath. Helps pharmacists verify their authenticity.

Vanishing Rx

This heat-sensitive symbol changes from blue to clear when rubbed briskly to provide another way to authenticate an original prescription.

Chemical "VOID"

Chemically-protected paper displays "VOID" in three languages when attacked by a broad range of chemical agents.

Artificial Watermarks

Hidden words appear on the back of an original prescription when viewed at a 45ยบ angle or rubbed with a coin.

Laid Lines

Unevenly spaced and sized diagonal lines are printed on the back of the prescription to make it difficult to modify an original prescription by cutting and pasting.


Borders on an original prescription are comprised of words and numbers which will reproduce as a solid line when copied. Visible at 5x magnification for proof of authentication.

Security Features List

In compliance with the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, a list of security features is printed on prescriptions.

Want to know more about what you can do to prevent prescription fraud? Consult our Office Manager's Guide to Prescription Security.

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