Secure Processes

ScripPlus® not only offers the most secure prescription solution on the market, but also leads the industry in secure processes designed to virtually eliminate the risk of theft and fraudulently issued prescriptions. Standard Register's facilities are audited annually to assure our operations follow SAS-70 II standards. We have established stringent controls for managing secure prescriptions and sensitive data. Processes ensure the entire prescription supply chain is secured, from the point of order to delivery.

DEA & state licensure verification

As part of order process, all necessary physician licensures are verified.

Physician address

The physical address of the physician is checked for validity.

Limited plant access

The ScripPlus® plant is staffed by bonded employees with 24-hour security camera surveillance and gated, stored product. Items are protected from unauthorized access at all times.

Secured base stock

Standard Register private stock production is available only for Standard Register-produced orders.

Secure shipping

All products are packaged with tamper-evident seals, and then shipped and tracked via reliable carriers with bonded drivers who deliver them directly to you once you've signed for the shipment. Shipping is monitored to ensure secure transport, and confirmation of the entire shipment is required.

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